Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

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Pretty cool vid. Going to start watching his videos on my daily rotation of Youtube along with Whiteboy, Vanoss, KYR Speedy, Trollarch, etc,.

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Omg lol everything he is saying its not, it is

What a douche

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The video that is

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They werent nerfed that badly come on.

And anyway if your kd is 1.09 your are NOT one of the best snipers/qs whatever. Seen loads of quickscopers better than that. Anyway quickscoping is pretty easy to do. Went on a 16 kill streak quickscoping on domination and i barely use snipers (only use them for snd, snr and messing about with friends online ) I dont really mind this update but they shouldve nerfed shit like riot c4's and ieds.

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i love the logic. 1.09 kdr. but, they dont tell you they run around like smg players. so, what your saying is that its ok to be annoying running around as long as you dont have a 2.o kdr. please your logic is awful. when you see someone who claims they are good with a 1.09 kdr sniper. it means they run around with sniper rifle just to hit clips. if they are such bad asses why not ask for a sniper only playlist. they wont, reason cause they suck vs snipers its ez to pick off people who playing objectives running to flags. thank god they took out tac insert. snipers logic is the most annoying thing to ever happen to call of duty. its a joke.

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I have to say, I don't see a problem with QS in this game. I don't snipe. I don't have a left thumb so I can't hold the stick down to hold breath and get a good lined up shot, so I stick to other weapons. I know I have been killed by snipers and I have killed snipers, so it isn't like a "god" gun. That being said, I mostly play Hardcore so I expect a sniper to kill me in one shot if he gets it off and it's a hit. I don't think that the rifles need to be nerf'd to play against, but that is just my opinion. If I was going to complain about a weapon it would be the Riot Shield. Mostly because I don't understand how gently nudging someone is supposed to kill them. I suppose we all have things that bother us in the game.

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"Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?"

Because snipers are a problem.

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To you.

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Just over 1000 games played and 6500 deaths. I have not been QS'd more than 30x. I use all weapon classes. Including Snipers. But a more classic Sniper. I think if you get QS'd to the point you have to go online to forums and complain about it, then you must just be bad.

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Cute assumption.

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