Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

Ghosts XBOX 360

LOL.  I agree.

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Lmao I love all the rage against QS in here like it was of Ghosts greatest flaws. And gg to the guy who said he and the majority of others bought Ghosts because QS was gone hahahaha.

But seriously, people only hate QS because they can't do it. I love all these internet nerds saying they don't snipe but then they pickup a sniper and go on wild streaks only QS'ing lol.

The reality is, QS took practice, just like anything else in the game. The only reason the community is in such an uproar about this and not the other shit like I.E.Ds or Danger Close/C4 or tubes is because those things are all very easy for anyone to pickup and be successful at. It takes effort and time to get decent at QS'ing - And then when you finally do get worthwhile, you'll only get a few lucky shots (who doesn't) and kill the R-Tard players who are complaining anyway because they don't have the common sense to check corners or listen to footsteps.

People just need something to cry about, QS was the perfect scapegoat. Hard to pickup and be good at, easy to write off as a "glitch" (it's not, simply a clever use of mechanics. If you think it's a glitch, you clearly don't know what a glitch is and need to go look it up. Having all perks was a glitch), and anyone killed by it gets infuriated because "it's not fair that the guy in the video game can do something that can't be done in real life!" ... How many soldiers do you see running around with Riot Shields hucking C4 at enemies? Lmao.

Any good sniper will adapt and continue to QS and people will continue to complain and whine and beg IF to make more changes so that they can continue their quest to be the very best. The best there ever was.

I swear bad players will complain about anything to help their K/D.

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DoggishDays wrote:

(it's not, simply a clever use of mechanics. If you think it's a glitch, you clearly don't know what a glitch is and need to go look it up. Having all perks was a glitch)

Having all perks is a hack not a glitch, maybe you should go look a few things up yourself.

QS isn't hard it's just LT RT, as simple as that.

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TL_Bare_B_V2 wrote:

QS isn't hard it's just LT RT, as simple as that.

This is how closed minded people see it.

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also by other stuff needs fixed i mean that the whole multi-player needs worked over for instance the showing the enemy where you shot them from is bull crap especially in hardcore! that makes hardcore easy core for paybacks..... JUST SAYIN THAT NEEDS TAKING OUT OF THE GAME PERIOD!

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People like to cry. This will forever be a debate. People hate on what they can't do

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I personally run a sniper on maps that are large (not great but i have a 1.404 k/d after a few ops dropped me), and hitting enemies with a sniper across the map is a feat in itself...I do NOT quickscope(i can, and am fairly good at it), i play a sniper class how it should be played, find a spot, pick off a few enemies, relocate.
As op stated...they really need to focus on other problems such as:
People running around 1 shotting other players with a honey badger(no dead eye or headshot)or other weapons that should require more than 1 bullet in regular game modes

Clans lobby boosting

A tiny health increase across all game modes, 2 bullet kills across the map with an SMG is ridiculous

The app actually WORKING

Riot shield should be banned from game modes like s&r and s&d, can't count how many times i've run into entire teams running Riot shield/C4. At least make it so that AP rounds can penetrate the shield, literally have dumped an ENTIRE LMG clip into a shield and it does nothing, even WITH AP rounds.

These are just a few of the fixes that should be focused on imho. And they should be rather simple. FFS, they can add a new game mode and nerf weapons, fix what NEEDS fixing...

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SMGs cant kill cross-map in 2 bullets. Care to show me the statistics that say that they can? Feel free to pop onto the Denkirson site where they have the raw gun stat data which they pulled off the PC version. Honey Badger cannot 1 shot (apart from HC) and what you say about SMGs is grossly exaggerated thus helping absolutely no-one.

As for shields, why would you shoot at the shield? Thats what they want you to do. Danger close noob tubes/explosives or a class with maximum mobility is what you need to take them on.

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I think he was just making an example of mid range smgs. Headshot with a body shot will kill from mid distance. I agree that it's impossible to 2 shot someone with an smg across the map. I think he was just kind of throwing them in there as far as kill time goes.

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Exaggeration does nothing but detract from any point you are trying to make, ergo I will always call it out in the hopes that people correct themselves. Theres no point trying to debate or discuss anything with someone who keeps on pulling complete rubbish out of thin air.

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