Why are the shotguns worse than ever!

Ghosts XBOX 360

The maps got bigger and more open and yet the shotguns got weaker. What gives? my Tac-12 isn't doing the business!

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well get on the bulldog bandwagon, I and a smg guy and love that type of play. however nothing stops me faster than some 8 yr old using the bulldog with agility and marathon...the range on the shotgun is too much.

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I think the shotguns may have been deliberately weakened after the amount of complaining about the R870 and KSG in BO2.  Even so, the one-shot kill weapons (shotties and snipers) are comparatively weaker since other weapons tend to kill faster than ever before.

Still, the Bulldog can do some serious work on a few maps.  Even weirder, since slugs now have infinite range, if you put a red dot sight and slug rounds on a shotgun, it basically becomes a sort of sniper rifle in Hardcore modes.

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It isn't unlimited, but dang if you can't crack a fellow from an ungodly distance with an FP6 sporting slugs, a red dot, and a muzzle break attached to it... assault rifle quality distance with that sniper rifle OSK ability... but unlike a sniper or marksman, where there's a damage drop off, the shotties with slugs and max range attachments don't sport the damage drop off... they literally kill at 50 feet, but won't hit at say 51.. lol it's comical to nail someone halfway across Warhawk, then scope the guy behind him and not hit the air in front of him.

makes you feel like you've just shot a slug round, then a puff of air freshener lol

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I agree.  The shotguns in Ghosts are the weakest in the series, except for COD4 and WaW.


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WaW was the worst shotguns, in my opinion.  Still, the trenchgun was cool, and I loved that it had a bayonet, but I really needed the grip to make the thing work at all.  The fact that a simple grip replaced your perk 1 (lethal explosives) was an insult.

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Its a damn shame. I like Shoties but they just don't suit Ghost at least without a buff.

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Huh, I find them easier than bo2. It takes a little more brain power to put myself in a good position, however when I take the right precautions the shotgun works just fine.

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I would say that all of the shotguns except the Bulldog need a damage buff not a range buff though. The Bulldog needs a recoil reduction cause it's pretty sad when the Assault Rifles have less recoil then a shotgun or pistol. I wish they would put the AA-12 back into the game and allow the drum mag for it to be used that would be epic. I think the drum bag should be available for any gun that can use it to be honest just take away mobility to balance it out.

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