Why is there no theatre mode.

Ghosts XBOX 360


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No Theater Mode in Ghosts... thoughts?

Thought you might find this interesting, I posted this when the news was announced.

A big part of it is that the next Gen consoles will have built in PVRs, so Theater wasn't as necessary.

I enjoyed theater, but I also felt that because it was constantly feeding to the servers it impacted connections.

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I liked theater mode more as a way to keep a eye out for cheaters. I ran into a guy using his player 2 character to boost with in infected in storm front right behind the elevator.

COD developers always give boosters spots on every map so they can continue to cheat. But I reported the guy and I got a confirmation from IW that he has been punished 2 to 3 days later. Which made my day. But it theater mode is unnecessary and was just a burden on the game other then the point I made.

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So they tell you when people you report get punished? That's pretty cool lol.

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I thought so too I think I got the message in my xbox live messages about it. I felt warm and fuzzy inside.

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I liked theatre mode myself. I've heard it was to help the game function better as to not eat up memory. I'm not the most technical on here but makes sense to me. So the xbox 1 will have that feature built in? Pretty snazzy.

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