Will Infinity Ward Comment on any of the Issues with this game?

Ghosts XBOX 360

How about Amplify still not having a counter.

We don't need more perks that promote camping playstyles.

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its only infinite ward in name...not the real "IW"... Different people than the ones who made Call of Duty:Modern Warfare...

thats the issue..

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This game is more like COD4 and MW2 than any of the previous 5 installments of the series.

Haters gonna hate.

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this game sucks ass compared to the rest of cod games, i think black ops is alot better compared to this bullshit and thats saying ALOT! iw better start fixing all this bullshit is all im saying and better do it quick, i will probably never buy another call of duty game ever just because they keep getting worse and worse. COD4 still the best!

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Still looking for answers.

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Not trying to pick on you but year in and year out people come to the forums with the same "this game is they worst I'm never buying another COD again." And year after year people come back saying it again and again. What I have been saying for years is that if you aren't happy with the game then trade it in and cut your losses. No reason to hope it will be something that it never will.

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They have already explained the removal of theatre mode which is not coming back so might as well remove that one from your chart.

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No lies were told RE Dedicated Servers. Once again, people are reading things into statements that are categorically not there. No-one ever said the Dedi's would be up and running at launch. They are not live yet, and considering how badly GTA5 ran on launch thats not such a bad thing. Heres hoping they have a smooth launch when they do go live.

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in game muting:

Not ideal (maybe?) but this is how to do it. When the game launches , during the countdown, you can mute all but friends. I would be good if it was in the pre-game though (because that is where most people want to use it)

The "no-kill indication" is annoying in HC* (not a deal breaker, but annoying).  A few times it was happened where I have shot someone and they ducked and I had no idea if I killed them or not (until they popped back out and killed me).  It would be good to know that I either did or did not kill them.  As it stands now, I am never sure.

* in Core, I imagine seeing the points flash up is indicative enough...

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