Win didn't registering??

Ghosts XBOX 360

I jumped into a already started hctdm game (can't remember exactly how long), got the win but it didn't register. I'm doing the 50 hctdm wins so i know i had 42 wins & this should have been 43.

Do you have to be in a game for an amount of time before you get the win (or loss)?

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Nope, at least I don't think so. I've joined with literally a few seconds left and got the win or loss counted on my record without even registering a kill or death! However, I did play an entire match of HC DOM, lost and while I was waiting in the lobby for the next match I noticed my win streak was still in tact. I've only seen it happen the once though.

Did it put you in the lobby afterwards with most people still in it, or was the lobby empty or did it disconnect right at the end?

I guess it's possible if the host was on the opposition and he dashboarded right at the end it could screw up the stats getting saved maybe. I have noticed Ghosts being a lot more sensitive to hosts quitting/dashboarding with host migration not always happening.

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You might need to play a couple more matches before it shows up.  Normally it shows up a few seconds after the match finishes but I did see my progress freeze for two whole matches over the weekend but by the 3rd match all of my progress caught up and was displaying properly.

My only other thought is does another clan already have the node captured?  If they do then your win progress won't show up until you've reduced the holding clans wins down to zero.  So to track your progress you would look at their wins and see if you are taking them down.  Of course, if they are also playing the node they could be adding wins to there total at the same time that you are taking them away and that can get confusing.

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If you mean in a challenge they should show up straight away from how I understand how it works. If you're talking about locations in Clan Wars, it could be that the team controlling it also got a win at roughly the same time?

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In order for a victory to count towards those achievements, you must play the game from the beginning of the match through to the end. I encountered this multiple times in HC DOM (especially frustrating when I started the match from the beginning, was nearing the win, and the host (on the other team) decides to dashboard) and understand how frustrating it can be

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