Worth Buying the Game?

Ghosts XBOX 360

I haven't played in over a month due to my brother taking the game when he moved out. I'm thinking about buying the game, but don't know if it's worth it seeing as I didn't enjoy the game at launch. Seemed like just another COD game with different maps & horrible lag compensation. Has anything gotten better in the last month or two?

Would you spend 30 bucks on this game if you had to do it over or would you invest in something else? If something else, what games would you recommend?

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It is just another CoD game, that's degrading on a yearly basis these days...I'd await Titanfall personally if a FPS is your preferred choice.

The player base for CoD shall be abysmal come March.

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I would highly recommend not purchasing it. The already small player base is going to be severed in 2 once the DLC is released next week. Lag due to matchmaking and bad game coding will be twice as bad as it is now. Activision stock is dropping fast in anticipation of a terrible 4th quarter 2013 earnings report due to Ghosts being a complete flop. Wait for Titanfall.

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Not Worth It. Save your money.

If you didn't like it at launch, you won't like it now. Lag Comp, Matchmaking and Spawns are still horrible. IW hasn't fixed anything of importance relating to game performance, which ends up making the game boring and frustrating. If I could get my $60 back, I would.

My suggestion would be to ask your Brother if he even plays it anymore (probably Not), and see if you can borrow it until you get bored. (Should be in about 2 weeks or so) then he can have it back.

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I am going to say the opposite of what everyone else is saying.  The game is not terrible, (BO2 was terrible) and if you are playing with a group in the Clan Wars feature, it is actually a lot more fun.

Now if you are looking to just purchase it because you want to play it solo......yeah, I would save your $$ as I can see this game  not being enjoyable for people playing by themselves.

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