Xbox One- Worth It?

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Xbox One- Worth It?

Contemplating taking the plunge and buying the new one, thoughts, suggestions?

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Re: Xbox One- Worth It?

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I have gotten a lot of good advice here-

Re: Help me make the jump.

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Re: Xbox One- Worth It?

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From launch, issues were rife, just a small example, navigation through menu's took three months. Fair play to all involved, it actually feels fluent now.

I would 100% recommend the one.

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Re: Xbox One- Worth It?

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if you will be getting the next cod then i 100% recommend it. First the game is going to be trash on the 360 since there is a secondary company making it for the 360 and also you can make new friends before the launch of the next cod so you can have people to play with if you dont have any at the moment.

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Re: Xbox One- Worth It?

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I wanted a One for gaming and I was disappointed (As an Xbox fanboy) to hear the PS4 was the better gaming machine, I wasn't interested in all the toys that the One seemed to have installed such as connect, voice commands and so on.

The reality of ownership has been interesting, I've continued with my 360 for gaming mainly for Ghosts and 98% of the time I've used my One for everything else including all the functions and facilities I thought I didn't need or want.  My daughters love the connect games, the front end of the operating system initially feels alien but after a while it feels fluid and easy to use, the machines has been flawless in it's operation, it doesn't kick out too much heat or noise and it's more than I hoped for.

The focus of my use will change over time when AW comes out and I buy more games for the One but for now it really has been the best choice I could have made, there's so much to it as an all-round machine than just gaming.

At some point you will have to move on from the 360, games launched and support will slow down so you have the same One or PS4 decision to make as we all did.

Does it bother me that the PS4 might be a fraction better gaming machine?  Not for one second because the One offers and gives so much more.

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Re: Xbox One- Worth It?

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The Xbox One seems to be a good investment. Although it is a good investment if you are a Xbox fan, the PS4 is much better. The PS4 is also much smaller and more stylish. I have also heard that both systems come with a built in recording system, kind of like theater mode on Black Ops 2 and MW3.@ ! Here are some statistics to the PS4 and the Xbox One.

It's all on the back for Xbox One. That's where it has two USB ports with another one on the side (which makes three) HDMI in, HDMI out, S/PDIF for digital audio, a proprietary port for the Xbox One Kinect, an IR blaster connection and an Ethernet port. To the far right is a K-lock in case you want to lug this system around to LAN parties.

Sony went with a minimalist approach when it came to rear ports. You'll only find an HDMI out, S/PDIF, Ethernet and PS4 camera port (marked "AUX") around back.


PS4 boasts a 1.84 teraflop GPU that's based on AMD's Radeon technology. The Xbox One graphics chip, also with an AMD Radeon GPU, has a pipeline for 1.31 teraflops.


The differences are more noticeable in the Xbox One and PS4 graphics comparisons that include Xbox 360 and PS3. Both Microsoft and Sony leave their last-generation graphics chip architecture and RAM limitations behind, and it shows.


A robust games list for Xbox One Kinect and the PS4 camera has been slow to materialize, although Microsoft and Sony insisted on staying with the controller-free camera inputs.

The good news is that the new Kinect technology is promising, tracking up to six skeletons at once and processing 2GB of data per second. It can pick up heart rates, facial expressions and 25 joints, thumbs included.

The camera's 60% wider field of vision compared to the Xbox 360 Kinect remedies the annoying "stand 6 feet away" error messages we experienced last time around.

Xbox One Kinect is certainly powerful, it just needs more games. Right now, there are few reasons to keep the 1080p camera plugged in.


The most important parts of the PS4 vs Xbox One controller comparison consist of comfort, size and battery life, but a lot of this is going to come down to the personal preference of controllers.

The good news is that both conform to your hands better than the less ergonomic Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

The Xbox One vs Xbox 360 gamepad comparison illustrates some of the design innovations like a tweaked D-Pad and extra rumble effect via "Impulse Triggers" in the shoulder buttons.

Our PS4 vs PS3 gamepad comparison shows even bigger improvements thanks to the fact that the DualShock 4 is larger this time around. The handles are much easier to grip in longer gameplay sessions and the dual analog sticks have a recessed divot. Precision movement is easier than it was.

The PS4 controller's front touchpad and mono speaker are a unique way to interact with games, and developers are starting to find ways to adopt this technology into their controls schemes.

Which controller is better? There's a lot of satisfaction with the PS4 gamepad, but that may have more to do with people's surprise at how much more comfortable the DualShock 4 is compared to the DualShock 3. That wow factor may wear away soon.

The Xbox One vs PS4 controller comparison ends up being a matter of opinion. Some gamers are accustomed to Sony's parallel dual analog sticks, while plenty of others opt for offset analog sticks that have been part of the Xbox universe since the beginning.

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Re: Xbox One- Worth It?

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Hope this will help

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