Your Ideal class

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Your Ideal class

Whats your Ideal class? Will you go with a standard set up with perks, a primary, secondary equipment and some tactical? or will you be using something else? As for me I have never been one to need or want extras, My primary weapon is all I need to get the job done. So for me I will likely be going with mostly perks and only a primary weapon.

1 ready up

2 slight of hand

2 on the go

2 dead silence

1 recon

2 amplify

1 Takedown

I cant say for sure without having the game, but based off of the perk list I have seen this will be my perk set up

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Re: Your Ideal class

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May have jumped the gun on this one, deamonomic.

This is going to depend heavily on when things are unlocked in progress, how the maps play, and the overall speed/quality of Online Play.

My ideal setup is really going to depend on these things, plus a familiarity with the various Perks/Weapons/Scorestreaks.

Hit me up in a week.

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Re: Your Ideal class

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okay these forums are still a bit buggy...

anyways, yea I might be jumping the gun a little bit but I dont think it is too much. As for myself my classes are set up to be universal, any class can be used for any gamemode any situation. The most that changes will be the Primrary weapon. Regardless of how the maps are Im going to be run N gun all over the place, and since I know I dont rely on secondaries or equipment, I know that I will be using mostly perks, now its just a question of which perks I think will be most useful to me killing the opposing team and even if its a bit early we can still speculate.

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Re: Your Ideal class

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I'm not sure yet but it will likely be something stealthy with a silenced weapon. 

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Re: Your Ideal class

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I approach perk choice the same way. I am just a bit nervous that IW may have too many perks but I guess it might be better than everyone running Assasin that counters everything for stealth.

We shall see soon....

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Re: Your Ideal class

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I will make any class the game allows me if I want speed I would probably use Marathon and Lightweight and On the Go with Sleigh of Hand lol. Basically I will use anything the game allows for a grenadier class I would probably have two launchers with Recon and Danger Close with a 9 Bang and C4 lol.

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Re: Your Ideal class

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My ideal classe.

at least:

of the grid

AR probably with something of a magazine attachment and sight. At least to get the sight challenges after that don't no yet.

for the rest will try stuff out.

2nd ideal classe

set-up for anti-air

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Re: Your Ideal class

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My Honeybadger class

1 Ready Up

1 Takedown

2 Scavenger

2 Focus

2 Tac Resist

3 Stalker

I heard attachments are free so I didn't put them into consideration. If they cost a point then I'll just remove Tac Resist.

You're Welcome.

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Re: Your Ideal class

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Try this when you get the game.

You can use any AR or SMG with this class. I prefer the Honey Badger or the K7 with their built-in Silencer.

Ready Up





Strike Package: Assault




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Re: Your Ideal class

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- Pistol

- Smoke/Flash

- Off the Grid

- Blind Eye

- Tac Resist

- Sitrep

Anti camper/killstreaks class

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