domination hackers?

Ghosts XBOX 360

yeah so i was playing some call of duty ghosts domination then when i was about to cap the c flag i got launched into the air and died and hit level 60?. I'm not really sure what happened after that since i left almost instantly

is this only happening in domination or is other playlists safe?

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they are hacking all playlist from what i hear.. Treyarch makes the best call of duty IW should be fired. If they dont perform a miracle on this game it will be the last Infinity Ward game I ever buy.

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totally agree I don't even this BO2 was this bad!

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My last 3 games of dom have been awarding squad points like they're going out of fashion!! Seems like I can't get in to a none hacked game anymore.

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once you've been hacked it seems to stay somehow, try deleting all your game content then rebooting and reinstalling???  maybe clear the cache at boot up?? hold Y or something while posting, google that to be sure

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I haven't experienced this or any squad point hack but i'll be pretty upset if it does happen. Why is it treyarch is all over cheaters, hackers etc.   But infinity ward seems to not care, treyarch really showed they cared and were right on top of hackers/glitchers, they were very serious about protecting there new game as should infinity ward it shows a lack of respect for those who worked hard on ghosts and us the buyers that play it properly.

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Last night I played a few games before frustration set it and I shut it down.  A friend of mine and I joined 3 games in a row through standard playlists.

Game 1 - everyone in the lobby except us is level 58 or higher....we backed out (very unlikely at this point that it was possible to get that unlucky when both of us are under level 25)

Game 2 - some jerkweed is under the map killing everyone (left that game as there was nothing we could do....not worth the frustration)

Game 3 - dying immediately everytime we spawned, couldn't even move before we were dead (left that game)

That's pretty bad.

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here we go IW can shut down a mod server for mw2 but they don't even do anything about

they don't give a flying fook about the hackers but  if sum one was playing the game for free they would shut down the free server without delay because hackers don't cost them any money they don't want to know they let them run free

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