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Quit locking posts and removing GT"s of suspected cheaters.  Let the cheaters be known and let us gamers choose if we want to play with them.  I am tired of seeing this message

You can't name and shame here. Report in Game.

Name and Shame is against the Forum Code of Conduct and will just get your thread Removed and Locked by Moderators.

This isn't the place to report cheaters.

LOL against forum code

I have never accused anyone of cheating, but the people that do and take the time to post it shouldn't have their posts removed from the forum.


that is all...

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Re: forum police

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I Agree with an extent.  If naming and shaming were allowed, there would be waay too many false accusations.  While i dislike (very strongly) the locking and deleting of threads on the basis that there are other SIMILAR threads, some threads NEED to be locked or deleted.  I mean, we can't have people posting porn threads and things of the like, or a particular individual spamming the same and or rediculous threads. But that is common knowledge

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Re: forum police

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It is a very simple rule.

If you don't follow the rules there are consequences.

It has been explained numerous times. But if you want to know why, try the search function.

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Re: forum police

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The moderators do not choose the rules, they only follow them as that is their job so no need to insult them.

If your job for example was to serve food at McDonald's would you do your job? Most likely you would try so your post is simply rude and irrelevant. 

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Re: forum police

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I played against a guy named BlueMagic**** tonight and the tool used the glitch for infinite TBs the whole game. He is a cheater and should be banned. Report him if you come across him, or better yet take my word for it and just report him.

Understand my point?

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Re: forum police

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Oh that BLUEMAGICxx34 guy, hacks every single game, constantly cheating and talk about boosting, him and his pal take turns on going negative while they others goes 50,000 xp every game.

Seriously OP, is this what you want to see on here? Do you want some kid slag you off, call you a cheat and lie to the thousands on here making you look like utter scum just because you beat him in the game?

If you didn't see his post how would you know?  How would you then be able to come back at him?

Secondly, can you imagine how many of these there would be?

We used to see a few of these every day, open the doors and the forum will be flooded with name and shames, links to Youtube and so on, is that what you really want to see on here?

If your interested go to Youtube and the support forums, there are thousands of cheats and I personally have little interest in hearing about them, I would rather the forum be filled with tips, advice and interesting information.

No name and shaming is one of the fundamental rules of this forum, a little frustrating at times because I hate cheats and hackers as much as anyone but as rules go it's a very good one.

(Aahh slopat, you beat me to it!)

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