hardcore free for all (GHOST )

Ghosts XBOX 360

hi can any body tell me why hardcore free for all is not in ghost when thousands of players want to play it but and have gone back to mw3 for that reason  !! come on infinity ward put it back in please !!!

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Because it's only thousands of players that want to play it and not tens of thousands. HC fans have been shafted in this game and even after the addition of HC Dom to the playlist, we still are. Play core FFA, put a black sticker over the minimap and pretend it's HC, after all the amount of time it takes to kill is very similar.

NOTE: I was only joking about the sticker over the minimap.

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I have seen gamemodes being added after the release. (HC dom/S&D)

That they will be adding it later to the game is possible.

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i hope they add hc free for all!

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I would rather HC CTF be put in. Got really into it in BO2 but then it was dropped for HC DOM. Or they could rotate the different modes if permanent isn't an option.

I play HC. I've resigned myself to just being happy with what i'm given.

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terrible idea first off no one likes hardcore second off people that play hardcore cant play regular because they cant get the secret one shot one kill camos for there marksman rifle

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