i spent money on this? what a dupe

Ghosts XBOX 360


seriously. I used to LOVE hopping on CoD and tearing it up, been doing is since world at war, but what is this junk multiplayer we have in ghosts? the campaign? fun! one of the best yet. the mini games? great! I love extinction, what a nifty mini-game, I like it. multiplayer? I have never played a more laggy, unbalanced, garbage online game since halo2. people literally stand in a stream of my bullets for 2 seconds before they turn and quickscope (the shot flying 3 feet to the right of my head) and I die.  no big deal the first couple time, or the first dozen, or the first fifty.  but this happen EVERY match.

and the maps are some of the worst I've seen, and I've played MW3! why must there be rubble, and crates, and 50,000 other things in between myself and my other players? I don't want that, they don't want that. my fellow players don't like getting shot by a guy shooting through a 1 inch wide crack that can be found around nearly every corner of these "destroyed city" maps.  you know why people love Nuketown? cuz you don't have that crap there. I would trade every map in this game for 1 nuketown.  stuff everywhere does not a better game make.

I know there's probably 6,000 posts already like this, but this one's mine, I have been buying these long enough that I deserve a post, at the very least.  but i'll keep on playing this, as it seems not many of my friends are willing to revert back to BO2.  for what it's worth, ghosts is trying too hard. it's trying to look pretty more than being fun. time to get back to the basics and give the people a game they can enjoy again.

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I hear it coming....

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