insignia digiatal pack

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insignia digiatal pack

Hi I bought the Prestige Version of Ghosts. I entered the code on the website and I am unable to get my content. I have chatted with customer support on two occasions and the issue is still not sorted. On re entering the code it says it is used but I dont have it. Anyone else suffered from this problem?? Any solution?? Thanks.

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Re: insignia digiatal pack

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I sort of have this problem.

I used the code and the insignia pack was working fine until about the 30th or 31st December. Now the content is no longer available. I cant use the patch or the background or anything.

I use Xbox 360.

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Re: insignia digiatal pack

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Try going into your Download History via Dashboard in Account Management and redownloading it. It might show up then. If it doesn't, then you're screwed. IW's customer service is lacking at best. Good luck.

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