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i know the first map pack is due out at the end of this month in my opinion i would like to see a few close combat maps with the maps be huge in the in game maps i think it would be good to have maps that are short range like nuketown hijacked dome etc i was just wondering what u guys would like to see in the map pack onslought ?

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Could be a nice break from Being shoved into lopsided strike zone games.

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i cant wait to see what they have in store for us with the new maps!, im loving ghosts and the current maps, so excited to see the new ones. I hope they give us all new fresh maps and no makeovers of old maps!  a new gun too! cant wait! i got my season pass yesterday!

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I agree. I actually like some of the bigger maps too; Stonehaven is one of my favorite maps ever in call of duty. I don't like the battlefield feeling that Siege and Chasm have where certain areas feel completely out of place with the rest of the map. I still have fun on those maps from time to time, but I can see why so many casual players hate it. Overall I prefer Ghosts maps to MW3 or Black Ops 2. A lot of players forget that the older cods like MW2 and Black Ops 1 had some fairly big maps (and both those games had their share of really poor map design). I'd actually say the overall design is better than almost any cod game. It's just the scale to the player count and speed of game that feels out of place.

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Ya, because we all love all of these flank routes in flanks routes with 8+ ways to enter any building on every map. The devs also like adding destroyed urban maps often now as they could add a flank pretty much anywhere they want. The game is fast paced, but with larger maps one must become accustomed to  if they've been playing MW3/BO2, as almost all of those game's maps were unfairly small, and map design only catered to rushing. What I don't understand is why people are saying IW made a game for campers. A ridiculous and unrealistic amount of flanks and walls as weak as cardboard are added to combat campers, wrongfully. No one really complained as much about the two prior titles made for rushing only.

What the devs want right now in Ghosts is for noobs to spawn nearby, and because of said flank problem, they will catch you off guard from any direction. What we need to do is revert back to MW2's map design. It didn't include many flanks, walls were tough, had dead ends and nooks & crannies, no barriers on every object to stop campers, realistic house design, didn't have destroyed cities, etc. The maps felt like real places. Can't say the same for every following CoD thus far.

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I agree that at least two of the maps should be small, but nothing like Black Ops 2 three lane maps which just felt uninspired and repetitive. I would still hope that at least one map is on the larger scale because variety is important to me. It looks like there will be two guns this DLC and I'm looking forward to that (but why does one have to be a sniper *facepalm*). '

Strikezone for me is a little too small and at times it's almost as campy as a lot of large maps. I prefer maps like Meltdown, Raid, Warhawk, and Octane. Somewhat small, but still have decent flank routes and choice.

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Check out this thrread :

Leaked GameStop poster reveals content for upcoming DLC...

I am very excited to see the map "Fog" in action, tho thermal hybrid scopes will likely be the norm. Also kinda anxious to try out the new guns.

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cant stand stonehaven due to the size.

i think i only finished a handfull of games there that were won/loss by points and not by time limit.

also if you use any scope you get framerate drops like hell.

strikezone is horrible for some gamemodes.

domination is okish yet can be anoying with the size of the map.

ive seen plenty of times where the enemy were there within 2 seconds to kill 2-3 people that didnt made it into the game as fast as the others did.

blitz is horrible.

1 side its completly able to lockdown every flank.

1 side is nearly impossible to defend.

they can jump on the truck and fall in and stil capture even if they die(please fix IW)

KC/TDM mostly takes place depending on the teams.

if the enemy team has around 3-4 players in their respective team the gunfights are mostly gonna be about the bar.

and if randoms mostly through the middle/the open area.

SNR and SND cant care about those(stil sad they brought SND back but not CTF or demolition)

and alot of the other maps are meh not bad not good.

octane has little to no room for error.

also ontop of the pawnshop is camper heaven.

hopefully the new DLC1 maps are gonna be awesome and the gun aswell.

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Well IW ya have money up the a$$ the comunity would not mind including a cod throwback map like even face off game mode with cqb maps will be a plus pls do this....

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As far as a throwback map goes it's rumored that Ignition is essentially the same set-up as Stockyard from MW2.

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