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Ghosts XBOX 360

Winters Anxiety wrote:

I haven't played this game on the 360 in a while but I started today and honestly it feels like the movement of my character is soooo much faster... am I just imagining things or what

So much faster compared to what?

IW games have faster player movements than TA.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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I haven't noticed anything, maybe just oblivious but if they did, it wont take ten minutes to run from one obj to another now.  YAY!

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I must be honest you are wrong this game feels slower if anything else maybe you were playing cranked with lightweight


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It's definitely faster.  What I can't understand is the ability for some players to jump higher than others.  Is there a perk for that?  Does equipment have anything to do with that? 

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