nothing has been done to "fix" quick-scoping!!!

Ghosts XBOX 360

Quickscoping has never been a problem in any COD, take a look at the scores of every quickscoper, they're barely over a 1 KD.

If you're consistently getting quickscoped, you must not be a very good player. So instead of forcing other players to play differently, try getting better at the game.

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alot more things need doing to the game and your whining about quickscoping? if you cant kill someone with a sniper using a ak or what not i suggest you go play another game.

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who cares.  But to your point...things have been done. 

The way you scope in is different

ADS time is longer

Perks to decrease ADS time are less effective

Aim Assist is less exploitable

Not to mention fire rate of snipers, compared to every other gun has a huge gap.  They have one shot, and if you let them get that shot off, they can miss, and if they kill you from there you deserve it. 

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