things which NEED to be addressed...


Ghosts XBOX 360

I'm fine with the health, fine with qs, and don't have a problem with lag.

1.  Let me turn off/down the music

2.  Let me turn off/down the music

3.  Let me turn off/down the music

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this would be very nice

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1. health is fine and if you think its too low play heavy sponge mode.

2. they have a sniper with a slow fire rate. you have a gun possibly AR or SMG faster fire rate. you can drop shot. they cant. you can jump shot. they cant. you can strafe while shooting. if they want to hit you more than 50% of the time they have to stand still. seems you have 4 advantages over a QSer stop crying. (with everything i said they cant do some might get lucky doing it but 9.9 times out of 10 its not happening)

3. dedies are out people are playing on them. there are more for the One and Ps4 but Ps3 and 360 still have them though if you have more than a toaster for a modem you most likely play P2P which the devs stated would happen with there hybrid system.

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1:  Health is fine, learn to aim.

2: QS is fine, the only downside I see is most qsers don't help the team, but if you are playing solo 9/10 teammates don't help, regardless of game mode or weapon used.

3: you don't know what you are talking about.

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killermushroomhead wrote:

cod ghosts multiplayer:

1) the health (its too low and is causing people to play defensively)

2) quickscoping (why is it still in the game?)

3)  dedicated servers (when are we getting them?)

1 - No, they created heavy duty for you sort of players

2- Who gives a cr----------

3- they are there, and they were released with a hybrid system

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I think what really needs to be worked on a stopped is the hackers and cheaters. Like in this you tube video.

HACKER of all HACKERS EXPOSED I got hacks bro! (Call of Duty Ghosts) - YouTube this is from Published on Dec 18, 2013

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