this game is rubbish

Ghosts XBOX 360

Re: this game is rubbish

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Foxy, no logic.  You know what happens when you start making sense, right?


It ALWAYS takes time to work out the kinks.  It's not a physical object, people.  Interwebz be dynamic!

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Re: this game is rubbish

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vims1990 wrote:

It's difficult to make judgement over a game that has yet to reach the majority of players and the devs have not released the Day 1 patch as far as I'm concerned.

I would've said it's nigh on impossible to make a fair judgement of the game which has yet to receive its TU1. People are getting a little crazy atm, and should have some patience.

Let the product launch.  Let the devs do their work.  You've got another 365 days to bemoan this, that and the other, it doesn't have to be vented all in one night

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Re: this game is rubbish

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Agreed, this applies to any product launch. It's always buggy/glitchy at first but it'll eventually improve.

I mean the OP should look on the bright side that the servers are actually allowing him to play Ghosts. At least this isn't like the launch of GTA Online where players could not get past the first tutorial mission and were losing character progress.

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Re: this game is rubbish

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I Think the lag comp is ok and WAY better than lag ops ! And that's playing with people in Russia ,South America etc when I'm in the UK . So unless the servers get overloaded then the game should run fine   reminders me on MW2 lag comp . The spawns on the other hand are messed up you kill someone (TDM) and the spawn directly behind you :/ but that's easily patched

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Re: this game is rubbish

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Well....Lets see what the solution could possibly be....

I've got it....

Wait until after release before considering to purchase..Too many people get drawn up in all the hype, and stop thinking rationally. I for one have been there, and also left disappointed. This time round I'm waiting, watch some vids, come here and read the constructive comments or criticism, and make my decision based on the presented facts.

On another note, your playing before the large majority have access to the game, which in turn will cause some problems, make a more accurate opinion in a week or so.

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Re: this game is rubbish

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Guys I need help. IK im a noob but idk how to make a new thread.  I was just playing on the 360 and i joined a game and got 65,000 for a kill, I backed out but im afraid I may get banned .  PLEASE HELP

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Re: this game is rubbish

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it was lag in the final killcam  that happens in every cod

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