After Installing a few days later Asking to Finnish install

Ghosts Xbox One

After Installing a few days later Asking to Finnis...

This has happened twice to me so far After installing COD Ghost to completion and playing the game for a few days. the next time I go to play COD it tells me I need to complete the install. The icon looks like the installing bar has like 1% to go so I do the install and now the game will not get passed the Multiplayer selection it keeps restarting and then locks up. It also makes playing any other games impossible. The first time this happened I replaced my XB1 thinking it was the system. Now I know it s COD Ghost it did the same thing again only after playing the COD Ghost game. This time I reset my XB1 to factory default which wiping out all data fixed the problem.  I wish I could trade in the DVD and purchase it online so I don't need a DVD. IS anyone else having this issues this makes it two system doing the same thing.

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Re: After Installing a few days later Asking to Fi...

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      I know this is not going to be helpful, but I think everyone has the same problem you stated in the beginning. The update comes out and if we have our Xbox Ones set to download updates automatically, it will download them to 98% and then stop and make us do the last 2% when we get on. This is what has happened to me on both COD updates. I didn't have mine lock up like yours, but my controller did mess up yesterday after the update. About 30 seconds after the update finished, it was as if I was holding right on the d pad and not letting go. Everywhere I went on my Xbox Home, it would just instantly scroll to the right and not stop. I had to power off my console and take the batteries out of the controller to fix it. Could just have been a glitch with the controller or it could have been the update, I don't know.

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