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First of all, i love cod, have done since black ops 1 but this game is really ticking me off. extinction mode, wont allow me and my husband to play together properly. usually when i log in first i get top screen and my husband gets bottom, but on this game i always end up with bottom screen which im not used to, also theres the fact that it never saves our profiles, so we cant even level up. whats the point in that? Then theres the lag that apparently is my Internets fault (according to activision on twitter) even though i have a wired connection and 120mb broadband. beginning to wish i just stuck with the xbox360 instead of spending 500 on the xboxone and still getting the same lag issues that were promised wouldnt happen.

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You are playing Extinction in local play, you need to play it online to have your progress saved.

And yes, lag is always the user's fault as he will always have distance from the servers, unless the servers are the one lagging in which case Activision will blame itself on twitter.

About the split screen: the position of your screen actually bothers you ? Well, if exchanging controllers doesn't help, try getting used to the bottom one.

And I was expecting some kind of huge explanation of why the Remington R5 and the IEDs are OP and more complains about spawns lol (=

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Funny how ive never had to play online before to have my progress saved (zombies, survival, chaos mode), that maybe should have been explained in the game book. As for the lag xboxone PROMISED lag free play, so excuse me for getting a bit pissy when i get constant lag !!!!! and the position of the split screen does bother me, why should i swap controllers with my husband? i have my own profile for a reason !

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You can blame the online requirement to "new" gen stuff ^_^

No matter how good will the internet connection ever become, lag will ALWAYS piss people.

As for the split screen I cannot guide you as I'm pretty much new to consoles, but I'm sure there's a reason why you account gets the bottom one, I'd google it.

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Sorry, where on earth was Xbox One promised lag free play? If you think Dedi's are lag-free then you are SORELY mistaken. Dont believe me, I'm quite happy to link you to a video of Sandy Ravage playing BF4 with stupendous lag going on.

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The person who initially signs into the xbox one will get the top screen.  If your husband signs on first, and you sign in to add split screen, it should take care of the problem.  In regards to lag, that's on your internet provider.  If you utilize programs such as utorrent, make sure that it's not running because it will cause lag without a doubt.  Also, check your internet speed online to make sure you're getting the paid for speed. 

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Its the worst cod Ive ever played.  Lag, snipers and IED's, worst cod ever, and the maps are a big as a state.

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Snipers are because there are big maps in this game. i.e. Stormfront and Stonehaven

Lag....What are you smoking. It's been way better than when I played on PS3. Are you in Europe?

IED's? Are you kidding? Ahhhh, bouncing betty's? Claymores? There's only one mine in this game and it beeps with a blinking light on top....

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The IEDs are useless in this game they blow up too early so you never get a kill unless you put it on the ground.

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Lag is something I encountered forever on PS3. It's impossible to get a solid connection playing on wireless. But ever since I converted to Xbox One, I haven't had any lag. And I can actually play on wireless without any issues. But on PS3, I have to hardwire it if I want to play Ghost.

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