Ghosts Xbox One

I did a search & I can't find it. conveniently removed? it was there. I remember reading it.

don't tell to me to act like an adult. you can't judge me off this topic. you don't know me. what are you, 3? stop being asinine. 

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Sure blame them on removing it. Now its only your word. Even IF they conveniently removed it you still only have your word which means nothing without actual proof. If they conveniently removed it then it never existed. There must be a conspiracy to prove you wrong then huh ? Maybe a forum moderator saw you couldnt post proof so they conveniently removed it yesterday ? Yeah thats it. They saw me post to ask you for proof and since we are so buddy buddy they removed it to do me a favor. Or maybe I applied for a job working on this forum just so I could remove it myself.

You already failed when you tried to point the proof off yourself onto someone else and your many other excuses you gave before for not posting it.

I may not know you but you can tell you are so full of it. If they DID say it on the forums there would still be proof of it in a quote on the web.

See how I can admit fault ? Its easy. You dont even have the balls to admit you made a mistake. People CAN misread something, happens everyday.

Didnt you already blame teena for changing her post in that thread ? What kind of excuse is that ? You even SAID that it was there and you SAID she changed it and I proved you wrong."Yeh, update. Updates change. Change from what was initially said in this case." So which was it now ? was it originally in that post that you said they changed or did they remove it from somewhere else ? If it was in that update they changed then why would you say it was somewhere else where "they removed it" ?

If you accidentally broke my glasses and insisted they were on the table for days why would you all of a sudden start saying you saw them in the car ?

Cmon dude you and lewdmouth should really be freinds cause your credibility is about the same. I just posted proof that disproves your claim and can post hundreds more web pages that also refute your claims. Yet you cant even post ONE thing to back up your claim ? I did my homework how about you doing even a portion of yours. You signed your name to it the least you can do is back it up.

First you claim its everywhere and refuse to post it, then you claim they posted it then changed it, then you posted they removed it. To coin someone elses phrase "What are we , 3 years old " Whats your next excuse ? The internet doesnt exist anymore ? You said they posted in in blogs so lets see THAT proof since its all over the internet. Shouldnt be that hard for you to find since its everywhere.

I could easily understand if you came outright and just said the first time I asked for proof and you said looked for it but couldnt find it. But you compounded the situation by making lame excuses leading up to the point where you finally said you couldnt find it. You blamed them for changing it for one thing. Starting your conspiracy theory. You started digging your own hole and got stuck in it real deep on something you created and just kept dragging out the excuses. The problem isnt anymore that you cant find the proof the problem with your credibility is you just destroyed it by adding on excuse after excuse.

Who broke the cookie jar ? "well it wasnt me cause it was like that before I got home" "well when I got home and was looking in the fridge the dog knocked it off the counter" "Some guy broke into the house and knocked it off the counter then just ran out the door laughing"

I am not being asinine. I am just asking for proof. YOU are being asinine reaching for these excuses time after time. Its real easy to go on with this conversation all you need to do is provide proof. Someone asks for it, you provide it. Really simple because you said its all over the place . But if its all over the place why is it that you cant find it ?

Onto the other thing you claimed. You said they would be getting rid of P2P hosting. "IW said they were going to do away with ptp hosting" The COD series never used P2P, not counting COD3. COD uses listen servers. P2P is mostly for file sharing programs like Kazaa and old Madden games. Are you sure you didnt misread that too ? Or did they change that one also ?

"what you just described is peer to peer hosting, or ptp." You described what Ozhm posted was peer to peer hosting which it isnt, so are you going to blame that one on Maccabi?

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Trying to "derail" you?. Why do people on here make things personal when they clearly weren't? I'm not interested in assaulting your character. I am also not I interested in having someone changing what I said.

Proof?? Do your own research. I'm not grabbing imaginary things out of the air & passing them of as truth. I don't take it kindly when others do it so I'm not going to be a hypocrite & do it myself.

So that last paragraph, if you want to throw insults around that's all you. When people do that do they really want the truth?? I'm not going to attack back. Not BC I can't, I just don't see the point. Been there, done that, know the end result. Pointless. Believe what you want.

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First of all your delorean statement wasnt needed even though it was an assault on my character may have been minor but it still wasnt needed. I quoted exactly what you said and even pointed out the COD games do not use P2P like you assumed.

You made the claim that they said the Xbox one will basically "get rid of the need for P2P". I didnt . So the proof does rely on your shoulders. If I were to claim President Obama punched a delegate in the mouth the proof would be on my shoulders to show a video or a link to a picture. Otherwise I am just full of it.

They did NOT mention that Ghosts will run on the Microsoft Cloud about 6 months before release. They stated that the game will run on dedicated servers using the FEATURES from the cloud nothing else.

Xbox One: Call of Duty Ghosts getting cloud-powered dedicated servers, console bundle revealed | VG2...

Stories like this for example took what they said and turned it into "The cloud is the dedicated servers" I can understand that . Thats called bad reporting. but YOU claim that "They did say that right on this forum". Where ? Dont know how to use a search engine ? Or is it the fact that the prrof you had was either false or you found out you misunderstood ?

They announced for example at Gamerscon the Xbox one will have dedicated servers on the Xbox one. They stated that it will use the power of the cloud. But they never said the cloud will be the servers.

If you dont have proof thats fine wirh me, but a person with a real legit complaint would at least bring some shred of proof with him. Not shut his mouth when asked to put his money where his mouth is. But thats fine you can wimp out if you want. If you dont provide proof to back up your statements you ARE bringing it up out of thin air. The burden of proof is on you because you made that statement. I didnt make that staement so why should I have to prove it ? Why should I do your homework for you.

If it were a court of law and the defendant stated his client was at a party and didnt commit the murder HE would have to bring people up to the stand to prove his statement. No one elses job. If he didnt have any witnesses then guess what ? The judge is going to claim he pulled it out of thin air. You dont want to be like the other hypocrites well you are just like them because you refuse to back up your statement.

I just did provide a link to where they didnt say it, so now your job is to provide something older or against the proof that I showed. I have already done my part. Now the ball is on your side of the court.

As I said do you want to go off on another tangent away from what I said and just stay on that subject for a while ? Like for example critique my flower statement just to show I have no clue what I am taking about yet supposedly you do ?

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sucks for u 

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the health is the same? do you even play ghost the health is dropped. which is the reason for heavy duty mode. the TTK isnt due to hit detection its due to the drop in health on core. Bo2 has aura kills, Bo had aura kill, the MW games had aura kills and ghost has aura kills.

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Have you got any stats to back up that statement? A quick look on Denkirson (where people pull the raw stats out of the files of the PC version) shows that health is at 100. Same as its always been.

As its late and I've been at work and bed is calling, I CBA to check out bullet damage stats in Ghosts compared to past games. IIRC they hit a lot harder up close than they used to. If I'm wrong about that, then all thats left to look to is indeed hit detection...

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Split Screen always has lag and out of sync issues on any console especially with this game. You are probably experiencing lag because the low population is forcing you to play with people out of your region. This will keep happening until everyone gets a next gen console so expect low populations for the next 1 or 2 years. Even when a game is perfect in balance someone will find a way to complain.

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No it isn't...

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I've grown up on COD and just got the new one on Xbox1, after playing for hrs a day on Xbox360. I went back to my xbox360 and the last COD. It is Better! I know you all want this to be the best and all the problems are due to something else, but this one has only met the minimal expectation, that its a new game. Here are some reasons why.

1. Its more cartoony in the Class(Loadout?) screen and in game play.

2. Lag is out of control. Im in NYC w an Xbox dedicated router. BF makes COD look like garbage(thats w 64 players per server)

      - 4 Shotgun shells in someones back, only to see from thier side, turning around walking up to me and me getting knived?

3. Team generator is the worste ever!!! Very rarely does any game end without 3 guys on one side 4/2 - 1 KD and everyone on the other team negative. I can see it happening in some cases, but 99% of the games? Im either spending my whole game trying to find someone to kill or theres 2 choppers in the air chasing me the whole game? Thats not fun for anyone!

4 Quickscoping still in, YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

5. Money system instead of ranking up for weapons and attachments makes money pointless after you build the classes you want.Who doesnt have 300 + gold?

6. Map are almost as big as Battlefield maps. Only in BF, its 64 players not 12. Makes running around the map and shooting the other team in the back a sinch, all day long. This means no firefights >3-4 players in a battle.Less im in your spawn.

7. Spawn locations. The logic when they designed it must have been, "if theres 3 enemies next to C, spawn them at C".

I wish I didnt get the game for Xmas, it was a waste of money. Honestly, cant find one step in the upward direction from the last game. Ill keep playing BO2 till the next one.

Please someone try to explain to me why this one is better, if feel sad for the COD future now. I will never buy another Activision COD game ever!

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