Ghosts Xbox One

Last week all my replies wound up changing to the main poster. Sometimes this forum is haunted

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It may be haunted. But at least they aren't editing the posts to make the poster look bad.

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You know how in previous games people thought someone modded because when you hit them with a concussion grenade a yellow marker would show their position ?

Well in this game there IS a perk that shows the enemy behind walls. So I am wondering if the OP did not know that.

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Server has priority over ALL the players; if the server is a host player, that one will have priority over everyone else, meaning what he sees is more true than what everyone else sees.

With that said: if you saw a clearly missed shot and the server saw a hit in the elbow, you will see a miss and the server will see a hit, regardless of where did you see the hitmark, in game and in the killcam. With theater mode, this is really hard to compare or trully know what really happened. Blame fake hitmarks / misses / kills / killcams to the lack of theater mode.

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what you just described is peer to peer hosting, or ptp. IW said they were going to do away with ptp hosting & use the cloud servers but as was posted elsewhere, only forza is truly utilizing the cloud.

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I actually like it. The new maps are great, particularly Fog. And some of the maps shipped with the game are excellent: I'm thinking of Octane and Freight - though some like Stonehaven are utterly dire. I do think though that it's not quite as good as Blops 2; I die ridiculously often, and this I think is due to the crappy maps. Also Graphically it's not that great, even on Xbone. Sometimes I find it really hard to see enemies, and the abuse of the ghillie suit by players doesn't help. So it isn't a classic CoD, and may even be seen as the beginning of the series decline, but it's still pretty good.

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