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Ghosts Xbox One

All right gamers, I need help. If I purchase Ghosts Harden Edition for the 360, will the downloadable content transfer to the Xbox one, along with the code so I can be able to download the maps as they become available. GameStop has no clue and would like to know the answer as well.

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Yes, your Season Pass will come with you if you purchase it for current-gen and move to next-gen within the same console family. Activision comfirmed this at the Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal on August 14th.

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this was told during the mp reveal that you can go from curent gen to the next gen also you can go between and play on both curent and next gen at the same time within the same xbox/xboxone family and have your stats be the same between the two

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We all know that the Season Pass and the stats will transfer, but will the DLC that comes with the Hardened Edition (Free Fall map, Player Patch, Player Card, and the Player Background) transfer to the Xbox One from the 360?

DLC is generally downloaded to the console itself, not your multiplayer profile online.. If that is the case, how does it transfer to the Xbox One?

My speculation is that when you enter the code on the 360, it unlocks those DLC items for your account in the Xbox Game Store and then you can later download it again on the Xbox One.

However, nobody has confirmed that for me. I would really like to know this.

Also, if you buy the Hardened Edition for the 360 and then trade it into GameStop for the regular version for the One, do you get to keep the Hardened Case? Wouldn't it be a 360 Hardened case? I mean, you wouldn't really want that, would you? And you wouldn't trade the Hardened Edition in for the Hardened Edition, would you? You would get way less money on trade in and you would get double the items, which would be useless.

It seems that the best course of action is to buy the standard 360 version and then trade it in for the Xbox One Hardened Edition.

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So far all I remember is they said if you buy the "season Pass" it is transferable. They havent said anything about it seperately to my knowledge.

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