Cheaters - Whats Being done ?

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Cheaters - Whats Being done ?

After all forum topics mentioning the titled issue plus more i was not even going to bother with COD Ghost, but fortunately i have been lucky enough to be refunded for other games that also had there fair share of issue's and possibly worse than this game.

So i thought hey why not (so against better judgement & lack of new games as yet) i purchased COD Ghost as a digital copy, yet oddly enough so far i havent had any issues with lag or wierd stuff happening glitch wise.

So have been happily playing away until suddenly i started noticing people KNEW exactly where i was at (keep in mind im half way across the map) with all stealth perks on so i am pretty sure even with amplify on your not going to hear me with dead silence on not from that far away.

And even if your a sniper (which these guys were not) so distance with the quality of graphics not going to happen, i have lost count of the posts claiming you can hide to well because no one can see enemys in shrubs because the surroundings do tehre job quite well.

Anyways to the point i sacrifice secondary and explosives etc, so i have more spaces thus allowing FULL load out of stealth percs to be supposedly undetectable in all instances.

From ground air and scopes etc etc, and asides the idiots giving your positions away on purpose my question is what are the ydoing to counteract these cheaters because the only conclusion i can come to is wall hack.

There is no other way they would just know, because even good guess work isnt going to be a constant assurance of position etc i could be anywhere so exact positioning is never 100%.

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Re: Cheaters - Whats Being done ?

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Every once in a while I will die and immediately I'll be like "wtf there's no way he knew I was there". Though I've played enough of this game (12 days worth) where I would have seen a cheat by now and I just havent seen enough of it to suspect one. Every situation is different and there are so many ways to be detected. Sometimes we get killed its not always the same reason how we thought we were killed....a lot of the times its something completely different.  

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Re: Cheaters - Whats Being done ?

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Dude, cheats exist. I was propositioned by a modder who said it was easy.  He offered me aimbots, infected lobby, the whole gamut.

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