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hello guys , I am a PS3 player im looking to change from PS3 to XBOX ONE, I was wondering the dedicated servers does this mean I will get 4 bars, like for example I live in the UK can I get 4 bars with people from USA.? can anyone help me please thank you

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As I understand it, the dedicated servers should help with some of the connections, but there is no guarantee you will have green bars. Going from the UK to the US may still result in yellow bars. Dedicated Servers do not solve Lag but due to the nature of them they can help depending on how close you are to the dedicated servers. Read maccabi post below for a very detailed explanation of the Dedicated Servers:

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With dedicated servers if you get a connection with three bars then chances are it will always be three bars.

Your distance from the DS will not change and you will most likely have the same connection. If that server is full then you might get a worse connection to the next closest server.

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That's interesting. I am in the same boat as OP. I'm in the US though and since MS has 7 huge cloud centers around the country, wouldn't that mean that the connection should be at least more stable, because of the infrastructure??

Just curious....

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Well I live near Austin so that could be a big possibility, or at least Dallas.

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