Cross Platform?

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Is it gonna be possible to play with 360 users & One? Or is the Platform limited to each? cuz that would kinda SUCK.

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Nope. It's been confirmed that One will only play with One and 360 with 360. Same goes for PS3/PS4.

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Source or shenanigans. Thank you in advance.

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It didn't happen last generation and it most likely won't happen this generation because of the differences in Hardware and Software.

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It will not happen. Hate to say that, but I see where Microsoft and Infinty Ward are coming from.

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Limited to each, no X1 vs 360 games beacuse each have different set ups and use information differently than the other does. So cross platform communication would not happen.

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its annoying, but it will cause a lot of bugs if it did, haha.

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Does anyone know if on 360 you buy this game. Then when xbox one comes out you buy this game. If your rank will transfur over. lets say your 6 prestige on 360 and your buy a xbox one will you be a 6 prestige there. they said profiles will transfure. any ideas?

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No announcments on this matter. Suugest you hang fire for 1 week and there may be some light shed in this matter at E3.

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IMO i think this will happen.  They have already said that your gold account and gamerscore will carry over from the 360 to the X1.

I know this is more complicated as it is different consoles rather than just your overall stats but how hard can it be to track what ulocks you have etc and have it on the 2 consoles

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