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I thought if a moderator came into a discussion it would be to tell us that they are sorting the problems. . . but no, were just not playing fair with the rules.

Does opening a support ticket actually get you anywhere as far as refunds go?

I give this a 0, pointless sniper nerf that they were too scared to announce in the update notes. Removal of countdown timer feels like a coding error rather than intent, "Fixed spawns" that are pretty much the same as ever. Private match where I can have 12 players yet my friend can have 18 that said it was fixed but isn't. This update seems to have caused more problems than it fixed. . . Kinda funny how updates are supposed to make games play better, but with cod updates seem to make it worse.

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To clarify: Moderators are responsible for the forums. We do not have any control over in game content. We are not Support and cannot speak for Support. So I wouldn't be the person to come into a thread and tell you if problems were being addressed. If you are having issues with the game, please contact Support directly.



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The update did address some issues but the game does seem to be running a bit ruffer than before.  The biggest thing I think needs fixed ASAP is the countdown timer at the start of a match.  Please bring it back.  I paid attention last night and I averaged getting into matches from 13-19 seconds into the match.  This is a huge disadvantage when others have a 13-19 second head start in positioning themselves around the map.  Plus you have like zero time to select a load out or you lose more time.  Please bring it back as soon as possible.


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I played a few games last night, and the first two games had no countdown timer and put me in the game with 10-12 seconds off the game timer.  After I finished the second game, COD kicked me out of the lobby, and downloaded a playlist update.  Every game after the playlist update had the original countdown timer.

This morning seems to be having a mixture of both (no timer, and original timer). 

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i give it a 1 like everyone else this is the worst update i don't have the dlc and thank god i didn't pay for that. but still the update broke everything that worked from sniping to simply gun and running. almost every class I had made its useless now had to remake them to make them useful. my kd suffer all day long went from 1.75 to around 1.56 just horrible can't win gun fights.theres lag as if we are back to p2p connection and is it me or is everyone camping more as of late trying to cope with the update. i did notice though that the maverick assault riffle is op. idk if they did that because its a dlc weapon they had to make it the strongest. i picked up the weapon from people I've kill and let me tell you when i have that weapon i usually get a juggernaut before i run out of ammo. the sniper is ok one shot kill from almost everywhere can't deal with the scope though.

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hooray the countdown timer is back, goes to show they can get something right, and it only took like 3 days

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Great to have the countdown timer to start things off.

Personally, as a big fan of League Play and the competitive side of CoD, I give this update a 8/10. Sure, spawn things weren't fixed as much as they should have been, but I think this is a step in the right direction. They needed to do something with clan wars because it just wasn't what I should be. Some people can't get 4 people on all the time to play, but I've seen an immense improvement in the number of players playing in the Clan Wars playlist now. I really enjoy it myself because one, I still get to rank up everything, and two, I find it a lot more competitive than just going around in public matches where it's all about camping and grabbing kill streaks, especially on maps that are either too big or messed up spawns. It really tests your reaction time and gun skill.

I haven't noticed any kind of having to change my play though since the update, even in public matches. I still run and gun mostly. And I agree, the maverick is OP and with a silencer, even worse.

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I would rate this update a 3/10 and here's why.

I'm starting out at a halfway point of 6 (rounding up) and adjusting based on my own observations.

-2. No hardcore support. The new maps aren't available in the normal hardcore rotation. My friends and I play Hardcore TDM almost exclusively. We went out, bought the download, installed it, and 3 days later, we have yet to play a new map. Why go out and spend money on an update we aren't going to be able to use?

-1. There are very few Hardcore modes available compared to Core modes. I don't like the feel of Core, having to pump a whole clip into someone while they rush and knife me. I don't like having a radar constantly telling me where people are. It takes the challenge out of the game. Why not apply the hardcore template to other modes and let the players tell you which ones they want? We would branch out to other game types if we simply had the option? You have failed to provide options to the people that have paid money to your company for a good product.

-1. The maps. I'm not sure how good the maps are because they aren't in the hardcore rotation. The simple fact that they aren't makes me rate the update that put them in there lower.

-1. There seems to be a framerate and/or lag issue, reducing overall playability.

+2. The new guns are nice, adding a variety to the game. Thanks for this. I would definitely suggest opening up the lines of guns to include an EFFECTIVE shotgun with decent range, SMG's and LMG's. Good job.

As it is now, we're all going to get Titanfall and try that instead of a game that doesn't give us what we want.

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The topic is the patch, not the DLC.

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I give the new update a 1 because it really hasn't addressed the cheaters that r out there running around with aim bots, partial and or full god mode I have even seen a super speeding sniper out run me in while I have only a knife...Really hate the spawns....spawning in front of enemies so NOT cool....

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