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Okay I'm a pro at video game advances and it's a shame that I can't be hired as a manager to any game or as a utility. For Ghosts and all the call of duty genres, I feel there should be limit to friendly fire, but I believe you should be able to damage your friends almost to death. This would be revolutionary, because it might mean people would work as a team instead of do things that aren't possible.?. Like brag yeah man I'm better than you even though I ran through a bombing run??? This stupidity is annoying, as well as mines disappear when you die and don't hurt your friends??? You know rest assured no matter how good of shot they are they will always run into their own mines or try to pick them back up in real life. I also believe you would help out soldiers by including friendly fire, so they can learn how not to hurt friends. I say this loosely but is this genre responsible for soldiers shooting each other... just saying so you really consider this, don't worry about this if it was you can fix it now. Another thing that would be nice is choosing your perk advances instead getting ones you sometimes have no use for. Also if you bring back recon, I would make it explosives and bullets as one side of a perk, because it's dumb otherwise. Maybe have it just for the guys radar that has recon or all guys who have recon as a team move maybe, if there is still time maybe you can think of ways to make team abilities like that, I could help if you at least thought about hiring me. Also I think you should make some kind of clan lobby and track how people play, just a huge social lobby so people can meet other people and start clans with like minded people perhaps, you could have one or two people do this and it would add a lot of love for the game and keep you on top. I want to meet people and convience them I'm worth having on their team. Also the clan compatitions need to be more voluntary, kill confirmed is exactly that great. And I don't want my clan forced to play it just for show sakes I think you need to offer a variety of clan games that one clan can decide to join. Believe me all this would make the game a lot better. Also for the love of God have an aim assist switch I hate aim assist, I'd be better without it. I don't play for fun I play for sport so the closer it is to reality the funner it is. I don't play call of duty black ops 2, I bought it, but then returned it, cheap stuff doesn't make any player good and lack of reality just makes for no sport just a game, which is never worth bragging about. In MW3 I felt like the smg with the round clip was purposely made to be cheap, it wasn't appricated accept by people with no talent. The type 95 was close to cheap, please keep the weapons balanced, one weapon fighting is stupid. Also there is a degree of warp with knife, that makes me wonder how despreit people are. Anyways I don't mean to get personal with people I just want a fair sport to play, sorry. I don't always insult, so if you like this stuff maybe give me a call [Removed by Moderator.], Lucas is my name. I would really like to play this game.

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I too think that Ghosts should require some skill, once you cater to the not-so-skilled players you're basically capping the amount of skill needed to play the game. MW3 had some guns that you needed to have a great deal of understanding to use effectively. Because of this not everyone could use these weapons but the trade-off was you could do better with them than any other gun.

I hope Ghosts has these kinds of weapons too.

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This probably isn't the best place for posting a job application but you should break out your points better.  I'm not arguing for or against them but having everything in one paragraph makes them seem a little disjointed.  Additionally, splitting them out will give you the opportunity to elaborate on them more which will make things flow better from a reading perspective.  Good luck to you.

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