Do these two things bother anyone else?

Ghosts Xbox One

#1 getting kill reports in the top right corner instead of the bottom left corner like every other cod game ever. i seriously never seem to notice them hen they pop up now. ill be playing and suddenly realize that my whole team is dead in S+D and wonder when that happened. not a big deal just a small bother. wasn't broken so why change it

#2 sound option. anyone else really hate it when your play S+D or S+R when your the last one left and the time is running out and the game lets you know this by cranking up intense music and junk  while you are just trying so hard to hear footsteps or other audio indication that someone is about to assault you at that very moment?

in other CoD games you can turn down the music in the settings so you never hear it while keeping the soundFX cranked up and voices up or down.

again such a small thing but obviously that kind of customization is better then not having it so why take it out?

just wondering if anyone else is bothered by this or if i'm alone.

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the ability to turn off music is important. I'm surprised it's not possible. haven't tried getting the amplify perk patch so i haven't tried to turn off music but that is bothering that it isn't available.

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#2 definitely!  I really hope they add a control to adjust the music volume vs effects

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I always use the music to my advantage on SnD.

The only time its ever a nuisance is if I have a bomb planted and defending. If you need to plant a bomb, move in to defuse a bomb and just about any other situation it can be useful imo.

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#1 doesn't bother me at all, I think its better for the game.

#2 Don't play SnR/SnD a lot, but it was kinda annoying.

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About the music: it doesn't really bothers me as I know my enemies are suffering from it as well ^_^ . The lack of turning it off is a serious issue tho, I cannot imagine a S&R/D in HC with 45 seconds left and the music poping in at any second now.

About the kill feed: I never really paid attention to it, in fact, you need to learn every weapon icon and then properly read each name to use it accurately, and its a bit too fast to do that and play with attention at the same time; what I do, and I love to, is to play with the scoreboard on instead: any name in flashing red means he died, and a blue flash means he killed, plus, you can see the positions there so you can know how much "important" was that kill, not to mention the scoreboard is fairly big and easy to read, provides all info you may need and can be switched out on the fly if needed. I'm really glad they replaced the old scoreboard by holding a key / button for this new scoreboard with updates in score, kills, deaths and game mode info all in the HUD without taking too much screen space.

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