Does exclusive mean the Xbox One version will come out before PS4?

Ghosts Xbox One

X1 and 360 gets ghost DLC before PS4 and PS3. Same as current.

Source: Kotick Activision Blizzard

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Yeah I wondered that when they announced it . Think its going to depend when both the consoles come out ? Apparently the xbone will be out first ? So yeah xbone will have it first though I think the 360 and PS3 will be launched together as normal .

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so would that mean that you buy the game on the 5th of november for either ps3 or xbox 360 and then lets say the next gen consols get released in december you have to buy the game agian? Or does it mean next gen consols will be realeased before the 11/05/13?

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No one knows yet but I think it's leaning more towards next gen coming out after Ghosts is released. I would love to be proven wrong however

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i think we all love COD games and hate them at the same time for diffrent reasons. but a hardcore gamer will buy every COD game on the first day and the same with a new console. making people buy the same game twice 2 months apart is taking ripping people to a whole new level. but I too like to be proven wrong.

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it will just be dlc as usual, otherwise it will be the game, and sony will pay for it so that that doesnt happen anyway

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