Glitch or Hack?

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Over the last three days I've noticed quite a few games that i play (even when i begin with the match and not join one in progress) that I'll join and the opponents score is in the hundreds. (I play HCTDM primarily). each time i see an enemy (informed by a lack of tag in the open or an orange tag above their heads) I shoot them and die. Being informed that friendly fire will not be tolerated. I'm not the biggest fan of this edition of CoD but I started with friends an am a completionist so i want to at least get to prestige ten before i stop playing but, this *glitch* or whatever is making it dang near impossible to finish these games and when i quit i get dinged with a match loss.

So... has anyone seen this? is it a Hack or a glitch?

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Could possibly be a glitch. If you are playing HC you are not going to get indication of name as you know. However, I did join a game a just Core where I could not kill the enemy team, but I could kill my own team. If I killed my team, the other team would gain points and if my team killed me, we would earn points. It's a random glitch.

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There's a glitch where people who join in mid game get's stuck between both teams and are shootable by some players of both teams and not by the others; if you shoot one of them, he is technically in your team, so in HC you're friendly firing him.

Its an annoying bug it's been here for long, hope to be solved next patch.

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