Hands up who's getting Ghosts on 5th Nov

Ghosts Xbox One

Titanfall isn't out until around May next year and if Eurogamer was anything to go by it's a Battlefail.

I'll be happy receiving and playing Ghost on Nov 5th.

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They already have Titans in BF2142. They even call them Titans. Then you have the MechWarrior days.

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MW now those were the days.. moving about in an 100ton mech firing your x-lasers at another player and overheating them until they were destroyed.

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I'm still up in the air, haven't pre-ordered yet and don't plan on having the Xbone on day one, so I would be a 360 guy all the way.  I just don't have a good feeling about the MP side of the game on the 360, so for now I am a hold-out.

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I don't see them taking GTA's crown...

I'll not be getting Ghosts until at least a month in, if at all. I shall await the feedback, this time round.:-)

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I am just going to get Ghosts on the 22nd with the Xbox One because it isn't worth an extra $10 to play it 3 weeks early.  Not to mention I will have more time to play GTA Online.

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*puts hand up*

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I am getting it for PC! My girlfriend will be getting it for Xbox 360 then upgrade to Xbox One on the 22nd. She's playing GTAV like crazy right now, I can't even play the game when she's around. LoL

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Getting it for the 360 cause I went over budget and cant afford the ONE til around tax time.

I hope to play it cause I too am hooked on GTA5.

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LoL. So, PC for me till she's over GTA5 then switch to Xbox afterwards. XD

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