How do I change my camo?

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Does anyone know how to change their character's camo. Everytime I go to customize my character, I go to uniforms and I click either the right or left bumper, and it changes it, but as soon as I go back, the camo switches back to that default blue one that u start with. This really annoys me, as I hate this default camo. Does anyone know how ur supposed to do it?

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What you are doing is previewing the various camos. Most of the camos (uniform, headgear, gun camo, etc) need to be unlocked via multiplayer operations. If you go into multiplayer,, go to soldier,, customization (press X I think),, you will then see the whole list of customization options. So - select uniform,,, scroll down to see which ones you can apply straight away, and which ones you need to complete operations for - those that require unlocking will give a brief description of which operation you need to complete to get said camo. Mind you - not all operations are available at once. Familiarize yourself with the Operations menu in multiplayer. Operations are updated when the time runs out.

PS - in general discussion Foxhound stickied a link to instructional videos - one of these explains Operations.

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you can only preview camo, you can't select it as your default color. the game selects the camo color depending on the map.

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Like DrEggsta said: uniform camo varies on map, not what you select. Just like in every other CoD except you couldn't see your uniform there.

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You can change the gun camos go into the customize a layout, select a gun and on the left there is a block for the game, click that and it will show you the camos and the extra challenges and this is the same for reticules.

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If you are talking about Clothing Camo click on one of your Squad Member Character to go to your Loadout class then click on the X button for the Xbox One same with the Xbox 360

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