I.E.D.'s overpowered?

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lol, Calm down, we're not complaining abut it, more like trying to figure it out.

Of course it's a lethal equipment meant to get kills and of course there are ways to counter it, what we are trying to discuss here if how overally good (or not) it is.

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Overpowered? I ONLY play HCKC and see people running over and being hit with 2 or more IED's just run away using blast shield.

You dont like IED's and I get that. So use one of the counters like Sit-Rep or Blast shield. Stop asking the devs to tweak the game to you so you dont have to use an extra perk for something other than you want.

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I dislike the lack of consistency they have. some I can be close to when they detonate & I survive. others, I can be behind cover or the cover of a corner wall & they still get me.

if one thing is op'd, then it's the ballistic vests. I can kastet someone w/vests on but they survive both rounds??? really...

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I don't think either ied or IMS are op, I do however use sitrep on most classes and use the 9bang to disable them... simple ways to defeat them.

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The only times that IEDs give me problems is when I spawn into them.

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Nope There are counters if players find they keep getting killed by them as we all well know and if they don't wish to use one of these life savers then there is always the heavy duty playlist.

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