Ghosts Xbox One

I.E.Ds are garbage they just enable kids sit in corners and only have to watch one way at least without them they have to watch more then one way but and at least make the game seem a bit strategic. I hope I'm not the only one that feels this way...

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im with you man they suposuvly nerfed thed ied and made it to where you can jump and lay down to excape them but it hasnt worked yet

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actually i can affirm that they nerfed them i used to die tons by them i played today and i ran though most of them sure that almost killed me but i mostly survived. unless i was standing right next to it

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It works for me on the 360.

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that's the name of the game survival, not just running about

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They are not that hard to get around,  people cried about the bouncing betties and the claymores also.   They put stuff in the game to counter them.....Blast shield!  Or just pay attention to where your going.....

How about they cater the game to you and nerf everything that you don't use.

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IEDs are super annoying.

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