Is it worth the upgrade for gaming?

Ghosts Xbox One

Did you own an XBOX/PS2 and move to the XBOX360?

Ask yourself why:

- new games

- better graphics

- games are more involved

etc. etc. etc.

Although the support for the older console will not come to a grinding halt this time around, I think moving forward is always worth it (the question is not if, but when).  I am moving day 1 (I usually wait, but I am very interested in some of the next gen games)

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My last Playstation was a PS2.

Love the Xboxes all the way.

Not too sure about this one though.   I don't like Halo or Gears of War.  I did like Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gotham.  Since the former do not matter and the later pretty much dead in the water, there are no titles to draw me to x1 exclusive.

Now I have to think about my game library.  I generally play COD 90% so that doesn't matter.   But I have a lot of rock band games.  Since all those downloads, games and instruments generally are not going to be available, I have to keep the XBOX 360.  

Since I'm upgrading for games, do I want to get another MS product that does wonders and oodles of stuff that I don't care about.  Or, do I go with the PS4.   People argue the PS4 is more powerful, but I think for cross platform won't matter.

I'm still on the fence.  Gamestop says I can switch my downpayment money if I want.    That's how I'm looking at it, hopefully that helps.

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Didnt want to start another thread about this , but what about the wireless "U" steering wheel I bought . does anyone know if THAT will work with the new console ?

Or will it be a plastic placebo like the other ones that people buy for the Wii ?

Links ?

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3 Party controllers, and other accessories haven't been talked about yet for the Xbox One.  They will probably soon when they get all the facts, like what exactly can and cannot work.  I think by now the Headsets are not going to be compatable.

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Well thats better than a "NO"

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I was excited about the new box and game but I suddenly lost all interest in cod and the xbox. I played hardcore for years but I just stopped, wierd. Hope you all enjoy the new xbox and games!

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