Is there a way to bring dlc back to Xbox 360??

Ghosts Xbox One

I bought the Prestige edition of Ghosts for the XBox One when it came out, so I got the season pass included with that. I still go back and play Ghosts on the 360 to play with friends and clanmates that dont have XBones yet. I know if I had gotten the season pass for 360, I could have upgraded it and downloaded it on the Xbone for free. So Im asking if there is a way to go backwards and download the dlc for 360, since I already have it for the Xbone. Thanks.

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If the season pass is a code (imho) why not try redeeming it on 360 since you don't have Xbox One yet, if it downloads it'll transfer to One no prob., if not you'd have to purchase another season pass for 360.

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