Ghosts Xbox One

Hey for search and destroy game mode when the offensive team plantes the bomb, the defensive team will have to hunt down the guy that planted the bomb to retrieve the code to defuse the bomb because the offensive team will have the oppourtunity to put there own 3 to 4 code in to fuse the bomb and the defensive has to get that code to defuse it. Show a piece of paper floating next to the bomb planter so the defensive team could grab and use it to defuse the bomb

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It sounds more challenging than the current system but bare in mind the bomb counter is only 30seconds or so, that would have to be greatly increased, say for instance the player who plants the bomb then runs back and hides in his/her spawn area, the enemy team then has to cross the map, find and kill that player (while evading/killing his teammates aswell), pick up the code return to the bomb site, then enter the code and finally defuse the bomb, that would most likely take alot longer than the current 30seconds or so especially on larger maps.

Unless you increased the bomb timer and once any player on that team had recovered the code it displayed on the his/her teammates screen automatically.

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