Ghosts Xbox One



I've had this game from day one, and currently neither me, nor any single one of my friends have been able to find a decent game to play. Every single round is so laggy we fall dead instantly. Grenades are the easiest tell tale, as seen in the clip below. I can actually throw an IED, and get to where it will land first.

Upload Studio 1 - YouTube

This is every game.

I live in Australia, we pay ridiculous prices out here for these games. I believe the hardened edition was in excess of $150. I had it in good faith that in time there would be updates and this game would improve, like the COD I have always loved. But all I can see, is that there is still no way to see your ping in game and local only is still not an option. If this is never getting fixed then I expect there is somewhere you can point me too where I can get a refund for a game that doesn't do as advertised.

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