Latency/ "lag issues"

Ghosts Xbox One

OK, our community is soon going to be moved into the new generation of gameing the- The Xbox One. In Previous COD games including Black ops to as well, lag/latency has had the community at the verge of leaving the series of COD or just disliking it. Ever had one of the moments when you're on a extremely high kill streak, palms are sweaty while your trying to get that M.O.A.B or swarm, and right before you know it the frame rate drops and your teleporting all over the place until you see yourself dead on the floor. Also getting shot past or through a wall that YOU DAMN WELL POSITIVELY KNOW you have past through it although your just gunned down regardless and your just like. O.O

All jokes aside lol, this is a new console most of us are moving into impovements should be expected. Keep it fresh and rage reducing as much as possible. This is one othe issues that should be focused on, anyone else agree?

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A new console has very little bearing on lag/latency. You can buy a new PS3, 360...hook it up and experience the same turmoil as someone with a console 3+ years old. It is the game developers,  and home network peeps issue.

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Root cause of lag is the quality and reliability of the user connection.

Poor quantity connection means poor experience.

No game can compensate for this effect.

Best a game can do is select players, through its matchmaking code, with similar perfornance contections as detected when setting up a game.

Ghost may get a little smarter with matchmaking but Player connection quality will be the same when ghost releases so we will still get laggy games regardless of any matchmaking improvement.

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Ya because getting a Swarm or MOAB makes you good at a game.  And if you die 1 kill away it is then end of the world.

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I really don't think there is anything the devs can do to improve the lag. I feel like the cause of all the lag on Bo2 is because people either 1 have a crap connection as far as line quality goes and their connection screws up the game for everyone else, or 2 people with good quality connections have 10 devices running, or at least connected to their home network and they basically screw everyone in the lobby like the people with crap connections.

The way I look at it, people with crap quality connections should suffer in game, not the entire lobby.

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Well put.

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I am very sure there will be posts of "why does this new system lag when I got the best connection out there".

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LMAO!!! Soooooooo true.

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I think that lag/latency  issues depend on users connections rather than on how the game is programmed, but if some users connections are bad, they affect the game for all players.

If someone want to play online they shouldn't have any other devices connected and used when playing (laptop, tablets, phone, etc..).

So there are two solutions:

- the game don't affect all the players if some have bad connections, but only who has bad connection;

- the game don't permit to play in some lobbies/playlists if the connection is used by other devices or it is bad in general.

I think that the game should reward who have a good connection or don't use any other devices when playing, creating game modes reserved only for them.

The online game experience  will be better for sure.

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If you have a proper network setup correctly then having devices on that network will not effect your hosting. I always have many devices on my network running. Three game consoles running plus desktop and multiple laptops. When I get host the people I play with have great connections. They love when I host.

I also have really good Internet. This is key. What people do not understand is that not all areas are equal. You can have 100mb connection and still be a horrible host if you live in an area that has to hop though an area with horrible lines.

Good connection = speed and line quality throughout

Some areas will be crap not matter how fast their ISP is due to the fact of location.

The xBONE or PS4 will not fix this. Nothing in the coding will either. Unless they replace every line and peice of electronics in the world we will have this issue.

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