My final word on sniping

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i know what you mean.. same thing for me on strike zone at the 2 sets of stairs side, i was holding an area down i pass the spawn shoot a guy going into  that outside building, turn around because i know there will be someone spawning from tat spawn, and i was right a guys spawns, i shoot in in the spawn, and the exact SAME guy spawns again and i killed him again int eh spawn no less than 1 sec from his last death.. it was unfortunate for that guy, im sure he was pissed.. and good reason to be

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MW2 did something like that to me once. I blundered into a Sentry Gun pointing out of the bunker in Wasteland, which promptly melted my face off. The game then spawned me a little further back along the same trench I'd just died in, FACING the SG. I had just enough time to realise where I was and go "OH SHI-" before I died again!

I mean, it couldn't find anywhere better to spawn me on that big-ass empty map? I saw the funny side at the time, those were my n00b days and I'd had a pretty decent match by my standards back then.

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The only thing I don't like about sniping is how I need to run quick draw 24/7 because ads'ing takes too long for sniper rifles without it.

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Quick scopers were such a minor part of the snipers I encountered it was silly. I saw 4 qs, that's it and I usually got a better kd from them. I usually got a 2 to 1 ratio on them. Now traditional snipers generally beat me up and take my lunch money lol. I don't spot them until it's to late.

the only nerfs I agreed with were the reload cancel, and the adjustment with a silencer attached. Everything else was fine. I've always been of the opinion that here's the game learn to play it how you like, if your constantly getting beat by a certain tactic or weapon you need to adjust your playing style.

my biggest fear is this is only the beginning, no more qs then ar are killing me there op fix them, then smg, if they keep doing it, we might as well be shooting real nerf darts at each other. Where will it end

i agree about realism lol, all video games are unrealistic. ive been playing video games for over 30 years and all the "realistic" games had one thing in common, they were boring as hell.  Flight SIMM anyone

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I have been sniping ever since MW2 and never felt the need to pick up any reg gun nor use it because of how easy it is I prefer sniping because its a challenge 1 shot 1 chance or you die and thats what makes it fun for me i play free for alll religously I have 20k kills in that mode and i have 19.3k kills with my USR and ever since that patch i have been just using a reg gun and its boring i dont even play that much anymore, and i agree with the guy above the reload glitch and the silencer that was fine but as for the ADS and spread sniping is shit and not enjoyable but for some people it may. it just blows because I like Infinityward because they always had the best Sniping mechanics for COD and now its lame... Anyways now all there is to do is run around the map with an AR and have a wank at the same time...

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I agree, crouch walking around the map with a silenced AR is boring as ****. I think most snipers/quick scopers are probably people who have played the game for a long time and find the regular guns to be extremely boring and are looking for variety or an additional challenge. I remember playing MW3 and seeing players on their 6th or 7th prestige running around with a gold MP7 or ACR and it just blew my mind how they could play that much COD using those same friggin two boring a** guns.

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Because usually those people actually cared about their K/D. Bahaha!

The whole reason I play cod is to have fun, and sniping achieves that for me. Plus, I love when I pull off an amazing shot so I can show my friends.

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This is exactly why I started sniping. I am an older guy and I have been playing the COD series since the get go. I just needed to mix it up somehow because reg gunning was starting to bore me to death. I never thought when I started doing it that I would be treated like the red headed step child of the COD community. I was just looking to try something more challenging.

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OP, anyone who really knows CoD knows Snipers are the hardest class to get used to. Even if every Sniper was a one hit kill no matter where it lands they shouldnt be nerfed (except the semi auto faster firing snipers).

With that being said, dont do it to yourself to come on here and complain about any gun nerf, especially snipers. Why Snipers specifically? Because they get the most B.S kills.

Example, run up on a snipers flank, put bullets into him and he turns and no scopes or quick scopes you. I understand a good well aimed quickscope when your looking down a sight line but honestly the BS kills happen way more than they should. It may not happen very much for the individual sniper but collectively it happens all the time.

No other class of weapon leave people saying wtf more than the sniper class. It happens so much sometimes it makes me want to cry lol. Countless times I have ran up on a teams flank (or even just an individuals flank) only to have a sniper snap a 90-180 degree turn and manage to one shot me before I can even get off 4-5 shots. In the killcam I watch him run off with his screen all red and knowing he knows he is lucky as fk. Anyone who has played CoD for awhile knows exactly what Im talking about.

Tho these BS kills are likely my least favorite way to die, I still dont see it as too big of a deal because Snipers are so hard to use and just to be clear I 100% agree with your post

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My main point is people watch their killcams a after getting killed like that all the time. Most of these people have ever even tried sticking with a Sniper for more than a few games so they just assume snipers get kills like this all the time. But of course the individual sniper rarely gets the BS kill.

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