My final word on sniping

Ghosts Xbox One

We are in agreement. I don't mind the reload nerf or the silencer. It's not that big of a deal. It speaks to a larger problem though. The people that are good at sniping aren't going to stop just because you nerf the gun. They are going to adapt. If you keep nerfing it what will happen is that they will adapt by camping more and more. If reg gunners aren't happy now wait until snipers are all wearing those bush wookie suits with thermal scopes and every camp streak in the game. It may not seem like it but it is much easier to deal with a sniper in the open then one that is in full camp mode.

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My problem is when people come on these forums to complain about how the sniper community is big enough to kill Call of Duty if they stopped playing and then some random guy who hates quickscoping says these exact words "Quickscopers and snipers are the minority". Okay if they are actually the minority then why do you go on these forums every day to complain about them? Why do the people who hate quickscoping always say things like they make up 3/4 of the lobby? How do they make up 3/4 of all your lobbies when they are the minority? I don't get it they aren't the minority but you come on these forums to complain about them? All players should be listened to not just the players who can come up with the biggest lies to benefit themselves.

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Sniper rifles are supposed to be long range weapons; before the nerf they were used as full-out combat, any situation ready weapons that KO in one hit faster than a rifle takes to land three hitmarks.

If you are wielding a sniper rifle with zoom you are not supposed to be in the front lines shooting people down on the fly; not just 'coz of realism, but because of game balance.

Before the nerf good snipers could outrun SMGs at any range, and that's just ridiculous. In my opinion, what Sniper rifle should be, is a weapon that ensures a kill as long as it hits, but requires a lot of aiming; impossible to kill within a few seconds of scoping in, but able to kill stuff from one border of the map to another with exact precision.

If you look at all the threads about the sniper nerf, it's all snipers QQing. No one else feels like it was over-nerfed or somehow made it the wrong way. I'm sorry if IW pretends you from stop camping and grab a rifle instead of been a killwhore without moving your character in the whole match.

BTW: The very first time I made a successful quickscope, I was like "omg, how can this actually be done!??", but then again I'm not the type of player who brags about his kill ratio.

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ok alot of snipers miss understand the problem with QS. they think oh its easier to get kills with any other gun, and this for the most part is true.. no one is saying that if you use a sniper, then you are going to dominate the game, have a 10.0 kd etc. most snipers have crappy kds, and alot of them go negative in a game.

the problem is is that they end peoples streaks in CQC when they shouldnt be able to.. someone can be shooting them and get a couple shots off, and the QS just pulls their gun up and practically blackscopes and kills them.. this shouldnt happen.. the sniper should be in thier scope completely to get that kill..

the developers do no nerf because the community is complaining about something, they will nerf if it shows something is OP or unbalanced in someway

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The sniping in this game as alright. I like playing on either Strikezone or Free Fall using the Lynx with a chrome barrel and variable zoom. 1 shot kills all day.

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When someone can jump off a structure, and QS 3 guys before they hit the ground, i say its BS.

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Why are the people who hate quickscoping in these forums telling quickscopers they make up the minority then they turn around and say that quickscopers make up 3/4s of their lobbies? Way to contradict yourselves on a daily basis.

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I Think it's perception. I've heard people rant/rage/whine about quickscopers because they wear a ghilie suit. One final kill cam was bedlam about a guy in a ghilie, he fbomb this and fbomb that when you clearly saw the sights for a mtar. I've been caused of qs because I get one hit kills with a shotgun. When people rage they don't think clearly.

The reason I say qs are a minority of the sniping community is because while I see regular snipers, you know hard scope and shoot from cover every time I play. I've seen about 4 actual quick scopers who were good, and about a dozen who were bad. Compared to all the snipers I see daily it's a minor percentage, maybe I'm lucky but I just haven't seen that many.

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Exactly my point you see snipers more then you do quickscopers. Maybe people mistaken sniping up close as quickscoping. Ragers seem to exaggerate more and more every day about something they don't like.

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snipers are still great. what is to complain about? you get more one hit kills with the snipers in ghosts then in an other CoD. only big thing they nerfed about snipers that i have noticed was nerfing the advantage of focus so firefights can go ether way.

don't complain, adjust.

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