Need help. My xbox one keeps scrolling to the right and won't stop after downloading cod update.

Ghosts Xbox One

Need help. My xbox one keeps scrolling to the righ...

Ok, I'm going to tell you the whole story so bear with me. I got on my xbox and went to the call of duty add ons and downloaded the new camo for guns and new skin for dog kill streak. I went to start up call of duty ghost and it said I needed to update it. It's about time the update wanted to download cause it came out more than a week ago and just now it asked me to download it. I click ok download it it says it was at 98% instantly and about 30 seconds later my xbox one went nuts. It was like I was holding right on my d pad and not letting go. It would just scroll all the right on my xbox one dashboard and just hover over apps. Every time I clicked left on the d pad or anything it would instantly go back to the right. I turned off my xbox and turned it back on and it would instantly go back to the right every time. I think it was my controller because if I took out the batteries then it would stop. I finally got it to work right by turning off my xbox one, turning it back on and then before it had time to bring up the home screen, I took out the batteries on the controller. Waited until the home screen was loaded up and then put the batteries back in the controller and now is working fine. I have no idea what happen and hope it does not happen again. Has anyone had this problem or know what caused it?

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