Need people for XBOX ONE

Ghosts Xbox One

Looking for people to play DOMINATION with on xbox one.

- Would like it if you were a objective player and played to win not for k/d

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I Am down for dom. My handle is same as my tag. Hit me up if ya wanna play

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In the process of upgrading to next gen but when I get my xbox one copy Im down . All my crew is on the 360.

Gamertag Reddz Foxx

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If you are looking for a crew to play with my clan is a gold tier clan about to b level 11.  Hit me up on here with a pm if you would like an invite. we have some 10 people with xbox one and more to come after christmas.

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I own a clan that's level 11, we are platinum tier and have the body count gun-camo.

If you would like to merge your clan into ours we could all play domination and get better

We have 27 members

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Add me gamertag: travtrott

Am online basically everyday

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I'll be on later: xXZvErSXx

I usually just play solo but team action is always nice.

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Add me to friends on Xbox one and invite me to clan. I play dom and am all about winning. D MAX78

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I'm down add Inferno XBL

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i would like as well, though i dont really like to play core only hc, so if there is any hc players who  would like to team up add NEWMFIN i will play any of the 4 modes and play to win could care less about kd. i live in western canada with a good connection

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