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Have they put onslaught multiplayer maps into normal playlist yet? I noticed free fall is in normal playlist now. I really badly wanna play onslaught but I can never find a game.

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Re: Onslaught

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Activision would rather $1.99 us to death than let us play DLC we've already paid for.

my copy of this game will be collecting dust by the time they decide to add the maps to the regular playlists... prepare for Titanfall!

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Re: Onslaught

I'm bringing my copy in to help pay for preordered copies of Titanfall. I can with confidence say this is the last COD game for me. Too many good games coming out for the One this year 2015 to even care about this franchise anymore. Ghosts was just more of the same bs it just cost us more.

All these camo packs and dlc should be free in my opinion.

When Titanfall drops I'll say the same thing about this franchise like I did about Halo years ago "let the kiddies keep playing it, because I wont". I'm not saying Titanfall will be the best game ever and it will crush COD I'm saying it will be good enough to get my FPS fix until other great games release on the Xbox One. *Cough* Destiny *cough* ESO *cough* The Division

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Re: Onslaught

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You have to be on during peak hours to find a match in Onslaught. It sucks all the eggs. I wish CoD would have a server browser system like battlefield. You get to choose the map you play on essentially.

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