Should we have the option to disable Kinect features in game?

Ghosts Xbox One

So what do you guys think, should developers allow Xbox One players to disable the Kinect features in game?

I  figured I'd ask this question to see what everyone thinks about it.  People are already looking for ways to bypass the Kinect and it will be  done.

I know this is a bit soon because we don't actually know  what they plan to use it for in the game. What we do know is that every  platform is different and that developers will be building cross  platform titles that will have far more features that function across  the board than the gimmicks like the Kinect will have.

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The game itself will utilize the Kinect features on Xbox One (I'm assuming it won't be mandatory).  In this article, he explains you will have the ability to turn all Kinect functions off.

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Just because you turn them off on the console does not mean that devs cannot turn them back on through their programming of the game. I have turned off aim assist before on the 360 yet to find it had no effect on the in game settings of it and that aim assist was still working. So though you may set a console default setting, the devs can probably overide those for those will just be a prefference toward use of the feature.

I bet that no matter what is done, there will be some sort of background process always running with the kinect on the x1, something that most individuals will never learn about or even know is there that superseeds individual set prefferences. Or else it could cause issues if maybe one person on one profile wants to use it but another does not. Having to go back in to the system settings to turn it off and on each time would take up too much time. So the obvious is to set a task running in the background allowing kinect to stay running and just be disabled per gt; but that does not mean it is really disabled.

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Good, I cannot stand Kinect.

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it depends how dependent the kinect is with cod ghosts, if its not really and you can live without it (most probobally) then you will be able to disable it

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pretty sure they already announced theres going to be some kinect functions in ghosts, tbh kinect is one of the main reasons i dont want a xbone atm i hate it, and the fact is required to be connected to use the thing puts me right off.

kinect functionality in a fps game is more of a novelty reallly, i cant see it being much moe than maybe voice commands, although controlling/giving commands to the dog in single player could be fun for maybe 10 mins till you feel like a muppet talking to your xbox.

personaly i would prefer it if they kept kinect outta cod and it stayed as a peripheral for stuff like dance and exercise games.

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Not interested in getting off my butt to play games. That's why I have a laZboy.

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No one can disable Big Brother.

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Since been announced it can be disabled.

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