Suddenly Shotguns give 20% more health

Ghosts Xbox One

Am I the only one trying to shoot down shotgunners before they reach me and still hadn't made it even once ?

Keep landing my 3 hitmarks, just to die in one mark at shotgun max range, which is hilarious since slug rounds take two shoots to kill at max range and they are one-hit-KO ammunition that enhances range...

This happens especially with the Pump action one that's not he Tac 12, (not the Bulldog nor the 255, I cannot recall it's name). Recently, in all my killcams that one takes one shoot only, regardless of range. Worst part is: with Mobility, Marathon or I-dunno-what it's impossible for me to shoot down someone at rifle range with a AR before he gets into range of his shotgun, and trust me, I've tried like fifteen times where the guy runs in a straight line to me.

In the Striker Zone map ARs are totally useless, rather grab a shotgun without slug rounds and go run and gun, since almost everyone else is probably going to do it and they WILL reach you way before you can shot them down with an AR.

Could we get a fix on shotguns range to make them work as pistols instead of being more a matter of buckshot-number-of-rounds-which-hit one ? Just because it's not fun having to shoot twice with a Tac 12 with slug rounds and once with a 225 and the other one that's not the Bulldog in hip fire one hit KO both at the same range ?

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