The X1 date has yet to be announed...

Ghosts Xbox One

I've heard from a few sources online that for the UK X1 will release on November 30th which will suck since Ghosts comes out at the beginning of that month. So I'd have to get it for 360 first

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That would definitely suck. However, I was thinking that if I bought it on the Xbox 360 and backed it up to my Xbox LIVE account, would I be able to play it on the Xbox ONE as well. I wouldn't be using a disc for the ONE, because it would be "downloaded" onto my LIVE account.

Could that possibly work out?

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No.  They have already stated that nothing from 360 will work on One.

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Errr what? Your account, acheivements, and gold subscription will all carry over to the Xbox One.  I think it's up to Infinity Ward and how they keep your MP data on the servers.  I can imagine they would be able to do it if they wanted to, but I'm not sure if they will.

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They won't be backwards compatible, which is what the person you replied to was replying to. Those things will carry over but you won't be able to get a 360 version of the game, save it to your account and play it on your Xbox One.

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it will not be backwards compatible, it said in the reveal i think

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skullcandycrushers wrote:

it will not be backwards compatible, it said in the reveal i think

yeah... thinking you replied to the wrong post.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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changing to 19th Nov

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