There ARE differences

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There ARE differences

   So this is my first post ever in the Xbox forum. I've been a PS player all my life, and I finally decided to make the switch. Here's a little backstory:

   Like I said, I played PS all my life. I always thought there weren't any differences between consoles, and that it was simply a matter of preference (although it still pretty much is). I started with MW2, played that nonstop. Went back to CoD4, played that for a bit. Went prestige master in BO1. Prestige master in MW3 (IMO the worst CoD to date). Prestige master in BO2 (in just a 1 1/2 months.. Almost 30 days played. I LOVED that game). This game I think is just OK (I was on my 7th character on ps4). But I have noticed MANY differences and it makes me think: Have I really been missing out on a good CoD experience this entire time? Everybody and their mom knows about the contract with Activision and Microsoft. But are games purposely worse on PS?

   On ps4, there are terrible, TERRIBLE frame rate drops. It makes the game almost unplayable. And the connections are.. Well I can't really explain it. On the ps4 I had multiple connection issues. But on xbone.. It's perfect. If you have the ps4 also, do you agree with me?

   This is not a thread to complain, or start a console fight. I'm simply asking, do any of you notice the major differences between the consoles. I'm a CoD player, so I have many hours put in. And now I'm kicking myself because I feel like I've been missing out all these years; the xbone is absolutely perfect for CoD.

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Re: There ARE differences

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The xbox 1 takes this game very well if you have a decent internet connection. I made the switch from 360 to the xbox 1 specifically for ghost and I am very happy with the performance.  I get lag once in a blue moon, maybe 1 out 50 games ,but otherwise the game runs very smoothly.  However that has just been my experience with it. If you are running the game through your cell phone for internet expect some performance issues. If your connection is good it runs very well.

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